After you’ve purchased your FREEDOM Card, become a power-user with this Optional Autoload Feature.

With FREEDOM Connected, you’ll never have to visit an Automated Vending Machine in the stations again!

  • Set up an account Online, register your card and take advantage of balance protection. Simply log onto or call the FREEDOM Card Service Center at 877-373-6777.
  • Choose your Predetermined Autoload Amount (minimum $30)
  • When your balance goes below the $5 threshold value, your Predetermined Autoload Amount is automatically debited from your credit card.
  • View your balance and a history of your last ten transactions Online or at any PATCO Vending Machine.

Balance Protection (optional)

If you lose your FREEDOM card, simply call the FREEDOM Card Service Center (877-373-6777) and report the card missing. The service center can then disable that FREEDOM card and preserve the value that is stored on the card. You can obtain a new FREEDOM card which will include the previous balance. The Service Center will issue a new card for a $5 replacement fee.